Finntriathlon Vanajanlinna Saturday 6th June 2020

Welcome to 7th Finntriathlon Vanajanlinna on Saturday 6th June 2020. Finntriathlon Vanajanlinna is traditional season starter -race in Finland. The race venue is quite unique around beautiful Hotel Vanajanlinna and very easy to navigate, even for beginners. Everything is located within walking distance. With 4 bike laps and 2 run laps the race is ideal for spectators to cheer for their ones.
We’d want highlight that due to multilap and technical bike course drafting is allowed in all age groups and distances. No triathlon bikes in Vanajanlinna!


Date: On Saturday 6th June 2020 starting from 10.00am. There will be 2-3 starts for sprint race and 1 start for super sprint. Complete schedule with starting times for each AG are now published and found from our website closer to the event. 
Where: Hotel Vanajanlinna (Vanajanlinnantie 485, 13330 Harviala, Hämeenlinna)

Sprint race 

Race categories: Female/Male: Elite, 23, 19 and 17 Female/Male.  Age Groups: 24-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50- 54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+
Distances: swim 750m, bike 20km, run 5km (note: drafting is allowed, so NO triathlon bikes!)
Prizes: Top 3 female/male (elite+23+19+17) will be rewarded with prize money and winner of each age group (non -monetary prize).

Super sprint

Our newest race format for juniors, beginners and fast ones. No awards (for adults), just pure joy of triathlon. You can have any kind of bike other than motorized or tri bike.
Race categories: Female and Male. Juniors 11 years (and under), Juniors 12-13 years and Juniors 14-15 years
Distances: swim 200m, bike 10km, run 2,5km (note: drafting is allowed, so NO triathlon bikes!)
Prizes: for Juniors top 3 in each category


Registration fees for 2020 sprint/supersprint:

  • 1.9. – 31.12.2019 60€/50€
  • 1.1. – 31.3.2020 70€/60€
  • 1. – 30.4.2020 80€/70€
  • 1.5. – 1.6.2020 90€/80€

Registration fee includes: Race info, race timing, closed to traffic and safe cycling routes, swimming cap, race number, accessory bag, service on the course, (energy drink etc), sauna after race, after race pasta meal.
Registration for all groups ends on Monday 1st June 2020 at 24.00.
Participant limits: Finntriathlon Vanajanlinna 600 slots.
In case of sold out event, you can register to the waiting list by email: send email to – tell us that you would like to register to Finntriathlon Vanajanlinna and leave your contact info. (name, email)
When the cancellation place opens for you, we will send you a registration message by email.
If there is anything to ask. Please, do not hesitate to email us:

Withdrawal and transfer policy: Registration fee is not refundable. You can transfer your registration to someone else or for yourself to another Finntriathlon event in 2020. Transfer fee is 15€ and to transfer contact

Cancellation Insurance: You can buy Cancellation Insurance (30€) as additional service when you do the registration. You can buy one insurance for each race you register in. With Cancellation Insurance you can

  • get your registration fee back 100% if you withdraw 36 hours before the scheduled race
  • transfer your registration to another person within registration period
  • transfer your registration to another Finntriathlon 2020 event within registration limits. If you transfer to higher priced event, you must pay the difference. In case of transferring to lower priced event the difference will be refunded.

License and rules: License not required. The organizer is not responsible for competitor insurances. The competition complies with the Finnish Triathlon Association competition rules and the Finnish Road Traffic Act, unless different instructions have been given. Minors must have parental permission to participate in the competition, as well as the participant will be able to swim for 750meters.


Schedule on Saturday 6th June

Time What Where
8.00-16.00 Race office open Juhlapaviljonki (big tent behind the main building)
9.00-16.30 Transition area open Parking place
8.30 Race briefing for start 1 & 2 Juhlapaviljonki
10.00 Start 1: Female elite, 17, 19 and 23 Rantasauna
10.02 Start 2: Female, all age groups 24--> Rantasauna
10.30 Race briefing for start 3 & 4 Juhlapaviljonki
11.30-17.30 Sauna & shower for athletes Rantasauna & main building
12.00 Start 3: Male elite, 17, 19 and 23 Rantasauna
12.02 Start 4: Male, all age groups 24 --> Rantasauna
12.00-17.00 After race meal Juhlasali (inside main building)
12.30 Awards for start 1 & 2 winners Finish line area
12.30 Race briefing for start 5 & 6 Juhlapaviljonki
14.00 Start 5: supersprint, juniors 11, 13 & 15 Rantasauna
14.08 Start 6: supersprint, male and female Rantasauna
14.30 Awards for start 3 & 4 winners Finish line area
15.15 Awards for start 5 & 6 winners Finish line area


Ask for race briefing in english at race office!

Race maps are between finnish text, click here and scroll down. 


Transition area

Transition area is located next to parking place. We kindly ask to follow given time periods for bike ang gear check-in and to check-out as soon as possible after your race (especially for athletes starting at 10.00 or 10.02)

  • 1.& 2. start: 9.00-9.45
  • 3. & 4. start: 11.00-11.45
  • 5. & 6. start: 13.00-13.45

At check-in, your bike will be inspected (brakes and no aerobars/triathlon bikes), wear your helmet (strap fastened), have your numbered transtition bags and timing tag. Place your bike to numbered place on bike racks. You may NOT have helmet, race number or anything on your bike. Only bottles, gels and bike shoes attached to the pedals are permitted. Place all other geat to transition bags and hang them to numbered place on bag racks. Do not wear your race number during swim!


Swim start is appr. 200 meters from Transition area. Warm up swim is possible before the start, but all athletes must be out of water 5 minutes before the start. Swim course is one 750m (200m on supersprint) lap in Katumajärvi. Estimated water temperature in June is 15-18 Celsius. Swim course will be marked with red buoys and completed as clock-wise. All buoys should be on your right. In case of any kind of emergency during swim, turn on your back and lift up your hand. 

After swim you have appr 200m from swim exit to transition area. You may take of your wetsuit after swim exit, but you must bring it to transition area and place it to your T1 bag.


Bike course is quite flat but technical out and back -course. One lap is 5kms. Note, that drafting is allowed also in age groups! Please note that warming up or familiarizing to bike and run courses is not possible after 10.00! Please check before your start the transition area, bike start, how to take next bike lap and how to enter T2 after 4th bike lap! Ask our volunteers for assistance at transiotion area before the race! 

Stay on the right all the time so faster athletes can pass safely and no more than 2 athletes parallel. There are sharp tuns and bumps on the course. 

Sprint race: 4 laps and supersprint 2 laps. Count your own laps!


Running distace is 5kms (sprint race) and 2,5kms (supersprint). One run lap is 2,5kms and it consists of out-and-back section and short loop behind the main building. Run course is marked with signs and white line on the ground. After run lap(s), you have to take sharp turn to right to enter to the finsh line. Be aware of that already before the race.

Aid stations

There is one aid station in the transition area. We serve water and Maxim -sport drink in the cups before, during and after race. You can also fill before the race your own bottles. During the race to serve also Maxim -energy gels. No aid station on the bike course. On the run course we have one aid station at 2,4kms and additional water station at 1/3,5km. After the race we serve also Maxim BCAA drink and protein bars as well as warm pasta meal. 


At reagistration you get a black bags for all your items/clothes/etc you don't need during the race. You can leave this bag before the start near finish line (tents with racks)  and collect from the same place after race. You'll also get your event T-shirt.